The Flat Roof Man is Licenced to install Ardex Butynol Roof Membranes.  

Butynol Leak Repair


Ardex Butynol is one of the most used roofing membrane for flat commercial roofs and residential roof in the South Island of New Zealand, because of its reputation for durability and for been made in New Zealand, to be more specific Ardex Butynol manufacture is located at 32 Lane Street, Woolston - Christchurch, Butynol has been manufactured by ARDEX in Christchurch since 1967.

Butynol is composed of a synthetic rubber with properties which resist ageing from heat, sunlight and ozone. It has excellent gas impermeability and toughness and remains flexible at low temperatures, and against water, moisture vapour, gases, sun, ozone, frost, acids, chemicals and bacteria.

Butynol can be fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted. One of the best things about and Butynol roof is that it requires a very-low maintenance service schedule and are known to last for up to forty years. Butynol rubber are prized for their ability to tolerate UV rays, temperature variations and stand up to water and leakage. However, that being said, just as with any roofing material, repairs are an inevitability.

One of our most common flat roof repair questions is how to fix a small tear in a Butyl flat roof.

We have years of success, maintaining and repairing Butynol roofs for commercial and residential buildings throughout New Zealand. We professionally repair holes and leaks on Butynol roofs that have occurred as a result of traffic damage, structural stress, average wear and tear and accidents.

Repairs typically involve cutting and removing the damaged portion of the roof, cleaning off all loose fragments of debris and peeling back a section of the original roof to fit the brand new, fully cured Butynol material over the existing roof.

  Butynol repair on the way  
  How to Repair a Flat Roof: Repairing Butyl  
  Butynol repair completed, no more leaks and ponding water on this roof  
  So we decided to put together a quick instructional guide on how to quickly repair a butynol roof leak.  

The Flat Roof Man use butyl products from the two most trusted and well respected manufacturers in the industry, which is Ardex Butynol and Viking Roofspec Butylclad.

What is Viking Butylclad? - Viking Butylclad has been keeping New Zealanders dry for almost 50 years. It is the right mix of EDPM and Butyl Rubber to create a membrane that offers elongation and a tough finish.

Viking Butylclad is manufactured in New Zealand. The product is long and narrow, so there are less seams and wastage. It is available in black & grey; 1.0mm and 1.5mm thicknesses and 1.35 metre wide rolls.

Our reputation for doing seamless installation and repair work on flat Butynol/EPDM roofs has made us one of the go-to company experts for all Butyl membrane services in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.


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