We install it, Viking Enviroclad TPO which provides absolute watertightness for flat roofs. It is a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) waterproofing membrane.  

Skylight Leak Repair

Skylight Repair Christchurch, NZ 

Skylights are available in many styles and shapes with a host of different flashing systems for achieving a water tight seal. Skylight leaks can manifest themselves in a variety of forms. Many times homeowners will first realize they have a skylight leak by finding water stained ceilings or a puddle of water on the floor below a skylight. Taking the time for a little detective work on leaking skylights can go a long way toward a permanent solution. 


A large percentage of the skylights in the Christchurch are over ten years old and scheduled skylight maintenance is often forgotten. Glass fails, gaskets shrink, flashing comes loose and the skylight starts to leak. Our knowledge of skylights has made us a specialty contractor for skylight renovation, re-conditioning and skylight repair. We can modernize your old skylights by providing:

- Skylight repair technicians to investigate any problems.
- Inspection and evaluation services.
- An obligation-free quote.
- Clean and tidy workmanship
- Guaranteed leak stop services.
- Flashing and exterior metal upgrades.
- New waterproofing flashings.
Causes of Skylight Leaks

Many skylight leaks begin when water makes its way under gaps in the skylight itself, into the flashing around the skylight, or the flat roof membrane that goes up the curb. When this water freezes, it expands causing the gap to expand. After a few seasons of this expansion and contraction, your skylight will start to leak.


Another cause of skylight leaks is improper installation. Improper flashing installation accounts for the large majority of skylight leaks which is why it is always recommended that a professional install any type of skylight.


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