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Roof Coating Services


As technology has improved, new systems to coat and protect roofs have advanced. Our roof coatings bring three main advantages:

- They are seamless and so minimize any opportunity for failure and leaks at seams.
- They are easy to repair and maintain with simple touch up of damaged areas if required.
- They provide a great environmental advantage as they apply over the existing roofing and do not require full removal of existing roof.

Christchurch and Auckland Roof Coating Services.

We are licensed installer of a variety of flat roof coating products, and we worked closely with the manufacturer for quality assurance during this project.

Our work onsite begins with extensive preparation and cleaning of the existing roof, followed by an application of the right roof coating for your roof.


For an onsite review of your property and a professional written estimate, please use the inquiry form to give us an idea of how we can serve your painting and restoration needs.



Residential and Commercial Painting


Our Painting Team is specialized in house painting, commercial painting and institutional painting. We can help with interior and exterior painting options, colour and design choice as well as restoration services.

Paintings Services Christchurch

Residential Painting

Whether it is a room or the whole house or the exterior of your home that you need to have painted, Our Painting Team can help, we're your choice for top quality residential painting services in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Commercial Painting

Keep your office buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses or retail space looking vibrant and new with our professional painting services.

Institutional Painting

Make sure that your interior and exterior painting needs are handled by professionals for your church, school, hospital or health care facility. Whether you have an apartment, a business office or your whole house – our company will give you peace of mind with quality work, reasonable pricing in a timely manner.


We are totally dedicated to the satisfaction of all our clients. When they are happy-they always recommend us to their family and friends. And that’s why your satisfaction is our top priority!

If you’re in need of Residential or Commercial Painting please contact us today for a quick quote!


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