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When your organization has a roof leak, it's essential to have a commercial roofing repair company who can locate the source quickly and make repairs in an efficient and timely manner so that your operations and personnel are not interrupted.

You want a roof repair contractor who will also perform a complete evaluation on future potential water intrusion problems and provide you with viable roof repair or replacement solutions and a roof repair estimate that considers your particular situation and budget. That commercial roofing repair company is The Flat Roof Man.

Each roof leak is unique. Certain damage to the Butynol membrane may be visible at the roof surface level while some water damage and will go undetected by an untrained eye, particularly on a leaking Bultynol roof. A thorough assessment requires an experienced roof repair contractor with highly trained roofing inspectors to investigate and identify the extent and severity of damage to your roof system.

The Flat Roof Man is a Ardex Butynol roofing repair company with roof inspectors who know how to examine the critical areas so proper roof repair or replacement can be performed. Our professional inspectors provide a comprehensive evaluation of your roof at critical check-points on the Butynol roof.

You'll receive a roof inspection report complete with: - Photographs - Written assessment - Cost-effective repair or replacement solutions - Roof repair quote for insurance damage claim.

The Flat Roof Man is ready to be your roof repair contractor, call us today and ask for a free inspection and quote.


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